Port of Grays Harbor

Creating a Stronger Economy

PGH activity generates over 5,700 jobs

In 2013, the Port of Grays Harbor’s activities generated a total of 5,704 jobs throughout the region while generating $341 million in personal income and local consumption. Local and regional purchases made by those 2,727 individuals directly employed contributed an additional 1,608 induced jobs for the region.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

“The study results are exciting,” expressed Commission President Stan Pinnick. “Our strategy to encourage private investment and business activity is paying off in jobs, economic activity and an expanded tax base for our County. With 2014 cargo volumes and activity on the rise over 2013, it is safe to set these numbers as our benchmark to grow from.”

PGH Activity Contributions to Wages, Local Purchases and Taxes

Creating a stronger economy through diversification

The Port of Grays Harbor has strived over the past decade to diversify the types of cargoes handled at the marine terminals. Cargo volumes have increased 55% in 5 years, accounting for 70% of the Port’s operating revenues.

Marine Terminals

At its four deep-water marine terminals, the Port generated 574 direct jobs, 645 induced jobs, and 305 indirect jobs. The study determined that nearly 37,000 jobs throughout the United States were related to the cargo moving through the Port of Grays Harbor.

The Port’s array of export cargoes including wood chips, ag products, autos, logs, and liquid bulk, accounted for more than $143 million in business revenues last year. With cargo projections expected to increase, revenues are likely to follow.



Westport Marina

The commercial fishing impacts at the Westport Marina are significant contributor in the local economy. Commercial fishing generated more than 2,000 jobs and more than $200 million in business revenue. The $45.5 million of local purchases accounted for 543 indirect jobs in the local economy.

In addition to the 2,052 jobs created by commercial fishing activities, recreational boating at the Westport Marina adds an additional 245 overall jobs and creates $23.5 million of business revenue for the local economy.

Real Estate Tenants

In 2013, Port of Grays Harbor real estate tenants generated nearly 1,900 jobs and purchased $57.1 million locally. Real estate tenants include non-marine businesses in the Port Industrial area, Satsop Business Park, Westport, and Bowerman Airport. These tenants generated $193.4 million in revenue and contributed $9.8 million in state and local sales taxes.

2013 Economic Impact Study

In the spring of 2014, the Port of Grays Harbor hired Martin Associates to conduct an economic impact study of the Port’s operations and facilities. The study includes a breakdown of jobs created by the Port’s three types of activity which are marine cargo activity, fishing activity at Westport Marina and non-marine real estate activity. Data was collected from interviews with 139 firms that use the facilities and provide services to the Port and its tenants with a more than 95% participation rate.

The numbers of jobs created are subsequently broken down by:

Direct Jobs – those directly generated by marine cargo, marina operations, commercial fishing activity and real estate tenants. Examples include longshoremen, railroad workers, port employees, commercial fisherman, and fish processors.

Indirect Jobs – jobs created in the state of Washington due to purchases of goods and services by firms, not individuals. Examples are office supply firms, equipment suppliers, and maintenance and repair firms.

Induced Jobs – jobs created throughout the local economy because individuals directly employed spend their wages. Examples include those employed by retail stores, restaurants and other services.

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