Port of Grays Harbor

Special Commission Meeting

DECEMBER 18, 2018

The Port of Grays Harbor Special Commission Meeting on December 18, 2018 was called to order at 3:30 p.m.

Leonard Barnes, Executive Deputy Director led the meeting in the Pledge of Allegiance.

Those in attendance at the meeting were as follows:


Stan Pinnick - Commissioner
Phil Papac - Commissioner
Arthur Blauvelt - Legal Counsel
Gary Nelson - Executive Director
Leonard Barnes - Deputy Executive Director
Alissa Shay - Manager of Business Development
Kayla Dunlap - Public Affairs Manager

Arie Callaghan - Grays Harbor PUD
Russ Skolrood - Grays Harbor PUD
Dave Timmons - Grays Harbor PUD
Dave Ward - Grays Harbor PUD
Schuyler Burkhart - Grays Harbor PUD
Rob Hanny - Grays Harbor PUD
Tiffanee Parson - Grays Harbor PUD
Shelli Hopsecger - CC&A
Dan Hammock - The Daily World
Michael Moore - Grays Harbor PUD
Jennifer Province - QIN
Sara Travers - Grays Harbor PUD
Courin Grey - Grays Harbor PUD

Items discussed are as follows:

Transoceanic Fiber Feasibility Study
Satsop Business Park Manager of Business Development Alissa Shay and Grays Harbor PUD Core Services Director Rob Hanny provided background for Transoceanic Fiber Feasibility Study including the source of funding for the study coming from the Grays Harbor County Distressed County Sales and Use Tax Grant Fund.

Alissa introduced consultants Dallas and Chelsea Meggitt of Sound and Sea Technology. Dallas and Chelsea gave a summary presentation and discussed the objectives of the study as well as the business analysis and potential community and economic benefits of a transoceanic fiber cable landing station in Grays Harbor.

Their analysis concluded that Grays Harbor has a reasonable landing site and route but it would take an investment strategy and marketing to accomplish.

Satsop Business Park Power Capacity Expansion Project
Alissa Shay and Grays Harbor PUD Engineering Director Schuyler Burkhart gave an overview of the need for and work done on the project to date, including working with the Bonneville Power Administration on an Impact Study. The results of that study showed that expanding power capacity at the Park is possible. The PUD and Port are now proposing to partner again with the County to complete a Facilities Study for the project that is expected to be complete by the third quarter of 2019. The County has approved funding for the Study from Distressed County Sales and Use Tax Grant, along with both the Port and PUD contributing as well.

The Special Meeting adjourned at 4:45 p.m.