Port of Grays Harbor

Port Leadership

Jack Thompson - Commissioner

Serving on the Commission since 1994, Jack Thompson brings more than 30 years of experience in Grays Harbor's industrial community to his task of stimulating long-term economic development in the region. A strong proponent of the Port's role as an international shipping port, Commissioner Thompson encourages partnerships with public, private and labor organizations to attract new cargoes and businesses to the region.

Chuck Caldwell - Commissioner

With a background in real estate, Commissioner Caldwell brings a wealth of knowledge on development and community to the Commission. He has served as a Planning Commissioner for Grays Harbor County, insuring planning policies that promoted growth while protecting the beauty and quality of life of Grays Harbor. Commissioner Caldwell has served on the Port commission since 2002.

Stan Pinnick - Commissioner

Stan Pinnick was elected to the Port Commission in November 2003. Stan is a life-long Hoquiam resident and comes from a 35-year career in public education and administration. He brings to the Commission a background in finance, community and policy development. Commissioner Pinnick provides focused leadership for the Port's industrial and economic development efforts, and recognizes the importance of the success of current businesses in our region and their opportunities to expand.

Stan Pinnick, Chuck Caldwell and Jack Thompson at the Westport Marina Viewing Tower.

Gary Nelson - Executive Director

Joining the Port of Grays Harbor in April 2000, Gary G. Nelson brings a background of management in the private sector. With strong forest product industry connections and networks in the international trade arena, Mr. Nelson works with customers, staff and the community to position the Port of Grays Harbor as a major hub for international trade and economic development.