Port of Grays Harbor

Public Records Request

The Port of Grays Harbor is committed to public accountability. The Port complies with:

Washington State Public Records Act
Chapter 42.56 Revised Code of Washington

Public Records Act
Model Rules Chapter 44 -14 Washington Administrative Code

How to make a public records request

Download and completely fill out this Public Records Request form and Fee Schedule for Copies of PGH Records in accordance with the Port of Grays Harbor’s Public Records Policy and Procedures.

Submit the completed form to the Public Records Officer by: e-mail, fax or mail.

By e-mail: Type directly onto the form, save to your computer and attach to an email to: publicrecords@portgrays.org

By fax: Print the completed form, sign it and fax to: (360) 533-9505.

By mail: Print the completed form, sign it and mail to:

Port of Grays Harbor
Attn: Public Records Officer
PO Box 660
Aberdeen, WA 98520

For more information contact:

Kayla Dunlap
phone: (360) 533-9590
email: publicrecords@portgrays.org