Port of Grays Harbor

What the Committee Does

The purpose of the Grays Harbor Safety Committee is to provide and open forum of public and private stakeholders with vital interest in assuring safe navigation to protect personnel, property and environment on the waterways of Grays Harbor.

A Forum For Issues

Provide a proactive forum for identifying, assessing, planning, communicating and implementing operational and environmental measures that promote safe and efficient use of Grays Harbor.

Education and Resources

Act as an education and resource network through which ideas, materials and procedures can be provided to persons interested in marine safety and operations.

Standards and Guidelines

Develop standards and guidelines that promote improved improved operational and environmental safety for Grays Harbor.

Resource For Government

Act as a resource at the request of governmental bodies and individual legislators regarding issues related to marine operational and environmental safety.

Marine and Environmental Safety

Promote and sustain the goals of marine and environmental safety programs.

Harbor Security

Ensure that marine safety and environmental measures are coordinated with security initiatives.



Tuesday, June 16, 2020 at 10:00 am

Safety Committee Members

US Coast Guard
Department of Ecology
US Army Corps of Engineers
Port of Grays Harbor
Jones Stevedoring
General Steamship
Renewable Energy Group (REG)
City of Hoquiam

The committee meets at least three times a year at the Port of Grays Harbor.

How To Get Involved

Contact Mike Johnson at The Port of Grays Harbor to get involved or for more information.

Membership Application

Grays Harbor Safety Committee
Mike Johnson
Phone: (360) 533-9518
Email: mjohnson@portgrays.org

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