Port of Grays Harbor

Harbor Safety Committee Meeting

This meeting of the Grays Harbor Safety Committee was organized by the Port of Grays Harbor after consultation with key stakeholders in the Harbor. The initial list of invitees and the agenda were set the Port. Copies are attached. Membership of the group and future agendas will be subject to the wishes of the Committee.

Agenda Items

Homeland security report
Lisa Benn (Port) provided an update on the Ports multiyear effort to improve security with fencing, gates, and cameras.

Tug escort protocols
Sid Watts (Imperium Grays Harbor) provided a summary of the tug escort protocols that he has worked out with the Department of Ecology as a preventative measure. These protocols are described in Imperium’s facility contingency plan and the facility operating procedures. Sid mentioned that regardless of Imperium’s portion of the cargo (inbound or outbound) tug escort will be provided. This avoids the necessity of a determination of the need for an escort based on partial loads on the ship.

Communication with tribal fisheries
This agenda item was generated from recent issues related to WSDOT’s dredging operation and a claim by the Quinault Tribe for compensation based on their Memorandum of Understanding. WSDOT’s (Kiewit’s) protocols for communication resulting from these incidents were provided to the group. However, to help with a better understanding of this issue, the Committee requested that the item be on the next meeting agenda with an invite to the Tribe to be part of the Committee and at the meeting.

Formal designation of the GHSC
The Committee was provided with a copy of proposed “by-laws” which cover the purpose of the Committee and a few of the procedural details for operating the Committee. The group supported the creation of the group. The “by-laws” will be on the next meeting’s agenda for modification and possible adoption.

Emergency communications protocols
This item was on the agenda as a follow-up to previous discussions resulting from a failure to notify the Department of Ecology in a “timely” manner when a ship was having power issues. Diane B. (Ecology’s representative) pointed out that there is new legislation that requires such notification, and they the Department is now developing rules to clarify the situations where notification is required and the timing for such notification.

Future agenda items
Suggestions for future agenda items included:

• Discussion of the Columbia River Harbor Committee’s and the Puget Sound Harbor Committee’s protocols with some in-depth discussion on a topic or two.
• Tribal communications and coordination
• Organization by-laws and election of officers
• Tug protocols for chip barges up-river and through bridge

Next meeting
The next meeting was proposed for mid-January.