Port of Grays Harbor

Harbor Safety Committee Meeting

February 12, 2012

Committee Mission/Operations

Marc Horton started the meeting with a brief description of the meetings, frequency, and content of the Lower Columbia and Puget Sound Committees. This led to a round-table discussion with comments by all attendees as to their interest and expectations from the organization. Here are a few comment summaries:

Coast Guard
Their main interest is in the safety on the Harbor. They see this group as a forum to foster safety through communication and protocols. Topics of interest might be Best Practices, Standards of Care, Aids to Navigation, and inspections.

Interested in the concerns of agencies - oil shipment and regulations / laws.

Sierra Pacific
Interested in the communication of the group, communication with barge traffic and port facilities. (Gary N. pointed out that he would like to know more about barge traffic if port facilities will be used for temporary mooring or other purposes.

Communication - dredging.

Issues related to pontoon movement and storage and to understand more of "how" the waterway works. (The new pontoon moorage sites are subject of a "notice to mariners.)

"Informal" discussion of the unique features of the Harbor, Harbor safety planning, development of a web site, emission control areas (possible EPA presentation), and outreach. (Pointed out that the Lower Columbia group is managed by a board, with a larger annual membership meeting for larger discussion.) (Vessel general permit changes might be subject to another meeting).

Oil spill contingency - reported that they have a proposed solution to on-water storage requirements in that they are planning on staging "mini-barges" (used in the Gulf) in the harbor areas (in cooperation with MRC). Their ICP (Integrated Contingency Plan) will be amended to include these as an alternative compliance pathway. (Potential presentation on the nature, function of these mini-barges). Also, there was come discussion of "vessels of opportunity" and new regulations (Ecology) which might be good for discussion (HB 1186?).

Discussion of standards of care - good to do without formal regulation. Likes this type of document - can give to ships before arrival - know what's expected that way.

Jones Stevedoring
Interested in dredge depths and operations.

Pilots: Interested in ship rigging issues as they are sometimes not properly prepared to have Pilots board. (Coast Guard provided number to call if these situations need to be reported.)

Port of Grays Harbor

Security, and TWIC use. Concept of sustained control was discussed as reason for all people to have TWIC.

Aids to navigation.

Dredging - a short report was provided on the status of both Port and Corps dredging just completed, and activities under the Navigation Channel General Investigation (Deeper Draft).

Next meeting -
May - Tuesday of Commission Meeting - same time (3 pm).

Standing Agenda
A standing agenda will be mailed with request for agenda items (and suggestions).

Not discussed - Ecology offered to modify the Lower Columbia version.