Port of Grays Harbor

Harbor Safety Committee Meeting

May 14, 2013

The Harbor Safety meeting of May 14, 2013 was called to order at 3:03p.m. at the Port of Grays Harbor Commission Chamber in, Aberdeen, Washington.

Those in attendance at the meeting were as follows:

Committee Members
Kevin Campbell - Brusco
Gary Nelson - Port of Grays Harbor
Seth Taylor - Port of Grays Harbor
Marc Horton - Port of Grays Harbor
Mike Johnson - Port of Grays Harbor
Kayla Dunlap - Port of Grays Harbor
Fred Goheen - Jones Stevedoring
Sean Orr - Department of Ecology
Doug Coburn - General Steamship
John Gillespie - Imperium Grays Harbor
Tim Walker - Imperium Grays Harbor
John Doucette - Westway Terminal Co.
Sean Morrison - USCG

Items discussed were as follows:


Port of Grays harbor
• Crude by rail (CBR) – John Doucette of Westway reported the Conditional Use Permit Hearing was on Thursday (5/16/13/) at the City of Hoquiam. John Gillespie of Imperium reported the comment period for their SEPA MDNS ended on June 3, 2013.

• Security Update – TWIC Requirements - Mike Johnson gave a presentation explaining the security implementations at the Port as of May 1, including the newly defined “restricted” locations and “secure” areas. He emphasized that all those wishing to enter the terminal area would now be required to possess a TWIC or be escorted by someone properly trained. He noted there is a posted list of eligible escorts in each of the two security offices. Those wishing to obtain escort status need to contact Mike for training opportunities.

• Pilot Training - Gary Nelson stated Captain Ryan White began training with the Port of Grays Harbor on May 1. He was getting as much time as possible in learning the support services (pilot boat, helicopter transfers, etc.). Captain Surface is expected to begin training in August and is committed to riding full-time.

Sean Orr noted Imperium recently had tank inspections that went very well.
He also shared that DOE is in the process of updating their GH Geo Response Plan and it will be out for review and comment in July.

Coast Guard
Sean Morrison shared that Tesoro has announced plans to construct a CBR facility at the Port of Vancouver USA. Bakken crude is expected to be handled.

Corps of Engineers
Marc Horton reported the Corps expected to begin dredging the inner harbor in August and that plans are moving forward for minor channel realignment.

Old Business

Prior to the next meeting Kayla is going to work with Marc Sterling to share a link to the website for the group to make suggestions and changes prior to going live.

The Charter was approved and it was decided officers would be designated at the next meeting, instead of waiting until the end of the year.

There was discussion of defining the segments of the community/businesses to be represented (ports, commercial fishing, regulatory agencies, etc.) The group was going to look to Puget Sound and Columbia HSC as a reference.

Language was discussed regarding membership attendance. Action to amend the membership portion of the charter to include language that missing two meetings would result in a warning letter and if a third meeting is missed your membership is terminated, will be addressed at the next meeting.

New Business
The DOE proposed having the HSC review the Vessel Traffic Impact Analysis (VTIA), which is a mitigation measure for both Westway and Imperium’s SEPA MDNS, to provide “insight” and “knowledge”. They emphasized that they HSC would not be making any decisions. The group asked for more clarification and definition for its proposed role, after the co-lead agencies have had an opportunity to review the VTIA.

July 9th was proposed for the next meeting.