Port of Grays Harbor

Harbor Safety Committee Meeting

November 19, 2013

Harbor Safety Committee Meeting

The Harbor Safety meeting of November 19, 2013 was called to order at 10:00 a.m. at the Port of Grays Harbor Commission Chamber in, Aberdeen, Washington.

Those in attendance at the meeting were as follows:

Committee Members

Mike Johnson - Port of Grays Harbor
Marc Horton - Port of Grays Harbor
Leonard Barnes - Port of Grays Harbor
Gary Nelson - Port of Grays Harbor
Aaron Byron - Kiewit-General
Sean Orr - Department of Ecology
John Doucette - Westway Terminal Co.
John Gillespie - Imperium Grays Harbor
Josh Metcalf - HDR Engineering
Doug Coburn - General Steamship
Fred Goheen - Jones Stevedoring
Craig Wear - Transmarine
Brian Shay - City of Hoquiam
Sean Morrison (dial-in) - USCG
Elizabeth Chien (dial-in) - US Army Corps of Engineers

Items discussed were as follows:


From the Chairman

John Gillespie conducted roll call and provided Go To Meeting login information for call in participants.


Mike Johnson reported that Terminal 2 dredging was completed this month. PGH is still waiting for final volume removed but amount is estimated to be around 25,000 cubic yards removed and disposed at the Point Chehalis Disposal Site. Dredging for other Port Terminals is scheduled for January or February 2014.

Gary Nelson reported that Lieutenant Sean Morrison attended the November Port Commission meeting and gave a report on US Coast Guard involvement with planning, spill response, and enforcement for the Crude by Rail Project. Gary noted that Sean did a great job informing the public about the roles and responsibilities of the US Coast Guard.

Leonard Barnes gave a ship schedule update

Imperium Grays Harbor

John Gillespie reported to the group that Imperium has scheduled a deployment drill for 12/2/2013. Cowlitz Clean Sweep will deploy a boom around their next vessel docking at T-1. NRC would provide a skimmer for the drill.


Sean Orr reported that NRC has their new approved contingency plan.

Coast Guard

Lieutenant Sean Morrison reported that all were invited to attend the November 2013 Columbia River Maritime Industry Breakfast at 0800 on November 21st at MSU Portland on Swan Island. He stated that this month's breakfast will feature a presentation by Captain Sencer Under, Senior Surveyor with the National Cargo Bureau (NCB). He will discuss the NCB's role in the port, such as Grain Ship Inspections and Container Inspections.

Corps of Engineers

Elizabeth Chien reported that American Construction was on site had completed the first round of dredging at Cow Point down to -37 ft. She stated they were currently working on Terminal 4 in the main channel to Cow Point. When this was completed, the contractor would move to the cross over channel and get the pinch point area. When the cross over is completed the dredger would move back up to cow point and then into the turning basin. Elizabeth indicated there were some issues with the tribe trying to coordinate operations. Channel realignment is still in the process. Corps environmental agencies would be are still working on approvals for realignment.

Corp Revetment Project is underway and the contractor would finish soon. Plan was to rebuild a specified area to its original height and width.

Incidents / Communications Discussion

Gary Nelson reported that there was an incident with a vessel departing the Port of Grays Harbor. Tribal fishermen would not vacate the channel when the TM Dragon was trying to leave the Port Dock. Port Pilot used Brusco Tug to assist with alerting tribal fishermen.


John Gillespie reported to the group that he along with John Doucette and Sean Orr attended the WEST COAST HARBOR SAFETY COMMITTEE SUMMIT- Sponsored by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s Office of Spill Prevention and Response (OSPR) and The Pacific States/British Columbia Oil Spill Task Force. John informed the committee that he was asked to provide a short presentation about Grays Harbor. John reported on Crude by Rail as well as other growth to the Grays Harbor Area.

John indicated that he spoke about our development of Standards of Care for Grays Harbor.

John Doucette indicated that as a group, the committee should be able to work together to provide the necessary standards of care if enforcement is needed. John also stated he wondered if there might be grant funds available?

Sean Orr indicated that there might be a way to get Ecology to participate in funding on actions supporting the committee.

Old Business

CBR Update- John Gillespie reported the project is under review.

New Business – Membership Requests
John Gillespie reported that NOAA would like to have a representative on the HSC.

New Business – Action Items

Sean Orr asked if there might be a way we could get the Standards of Care put together in some type of draft form for everyone to review. John Gillespie said he is very busy right now but will give it top priority. Sean Orr asked if John is too busy, how we can help put together what we have and let the committee work on it. Doug Coburn, Sean Orr, and John Gillespie to work on it and get something put together.

Gary Nelson informed the committee that Brusco Tug and Barge Company will be extending their contract with the Port for another 2 years. Current contract expires December 31st of this year. Brusco will provide a tractor tug for the next contract and mid next year a 2nd tractor tug will be dispatched to Grays Harbor. Gary indicated that both that both have firefighting capability. Sean Orr asked if Brusco would be removing the existing tugs and Gary indicated that Brusco would keep one of the existing tugs in GH. Sean Orr stated this would be a great upgrade for harbor safety and moving vessels in Grays Harbor.

Mike Johnson reported that the Port, Imperium Grays Harbor, and Westway Terminals conducted a Tabletop Exercise as required training outlined by the US Coast Guard and US Department of Homeland Security. Annual exercises are required per Facility Security Plans. A mock breach of security was the exercise scenario and took place during vessel loading operation for Imperium. The exercise gave participants the opportunity to discuss proper communication techniques as outlined in their plans.

Cyber Security was component of the exercise and gave stakeholders some in-site on how to develop a framework for reducing cyber risks to critical infrastructure. Scott Sipe from TechTell spoke with the group on issues regarding electronic security tampering.

Next Meeting / Adjourn

Next meeting- December 17th at 10:00