Port of Grays Harbor

Harbor Safety Committee Meeting

June 16, 2015

Harbor Safety Committee Meeting 2015 – Meeting 3

The Harbor Safety meeting of June 16, 2015 was called to order by Chair Kevin Campbell at 10:04 a.m. at the Port of Grays Harbor Commission Chambers in, Aberdeen, Washington.

Those in attendance at the meeting were as follows:

Kevin Campbell - Brusco Tug & Barge
Leonard Barnes - Port of Grays Harbor
Marisa Yauch - Port of Grays Harbor
Darren DeLoe - Imperium Grays Harbor
Sean Orr - Department of Ecology
Ken Lawrenson - USCG
Kayla Dunlap - Port of Grays Harbor
Mike Johnson - Port of Grays Harbor
Randy Lewis - Port of Grays Harbor
Linda Orgel - CCH
Aaron Leatherman - Imperium Grays Harbor
Fred Felleman - GH Environmental Groups
Mandy Garcia - Pasha Stevedoring & Terminals
Garrett Dalan - Grays Harbor County MRC
Vince Addington - General Steamship Corp.

Items discussed were as follows:


From the Chairman

Kevin Campbell completed roll call for all attendees present and over the phone.

Approval of August Minutes:

Motion made by Aaron Leatherman, seconded by Mike Johnson and unanimously approved, the meeting minutes from April 21, 2015 were approved.



Mike Johnson reported on maintenance dredging recently awarded to American Construction. They were already in the Harbor and provided the lowest bid so they will do the work. They plan to remove an estimated 40,000 cubic yards between Terminals 2 and 4.

The Port Pilot boat is scheduled for annual maintenance the first week of July for painting and other maintenance. A helicopter out of Astoria or a local tug boat will be used while the boat is out of the water to allow pilots to board the ship.


Sean Orr spoke of the state legislative budget and how they are left in limbo like everyone else until there is a resolution. He stated that the DOE will be sending out contingency plans July 1st if the budget is not finalized. Mr. Orr mentioned that House Bill 1449 was passed which is a bill that addresses oil transportation safety. He also mentioned the Clean Pacific conference coming up that will be held in Vancouver BC. It is a large conference where they will be discussing equipment and techniques for quick response and oil removal should a spill occur. The conference runs from June 16-18.

Coast Guard

Ken Lawrenson reported that his colleague Sean Morrison was recently reassigned to headquarters and his replacement will be Lieutenant Laura Springer.

He next reported on an incident related to the change in fuel required to enter the harbor by large vessels. A vessel entering the Columbia River recently lost propulsion after entering the river. Upon brief inspection it was recognized that there were a number of other issues that would need to be addressed before the vessel could re-enter the harbor. The Captain of the Port ordered that the vessel be escorted off shore to have the maintenance concerns addressed. The maintenance was done off shore and after inspection the vessel was able to re-enter the harbor to exchange goods.

On the waterways management side, he advised to stay current on the local notice to mariners as a lot of changes are proposed for channel realignment in Grays Harbor.

He briefly mentioned some large projects further South, including Columbia River jetty construction and Willamette Sellwood Bridge construction.

A brief update on the energy projects proposed by Haven Energy at the Port of Longview. They have heard nothing new in the last 4 to 5 months regarding the butane and propane proposals. There was also a propane proposal at Terminal 6, but the mayor pulled his support for the project about 4 to 5 weeks ago. Nothing new has been addressed in over a month and this project may be not be moving forward as well.

Mr. Lawrenson mentioned a floating wind farm off of the Port of Coos Bay. The design and construction of the project is coming soon. The Coast guard is most concerned the navigation risk and safety for vessels.

Oregon State University is working to create an approved location 6-7 miles off of the port of Newport.

Corps of Engineers

Elizabeth Chien was unable to attend the meeting, but provided a report that was read by Randy Lewis from the Port of Grays Harbor. Her report stated that outer harbor dredging is now complete. Manson Construction Co. dredged 830,000 CY from the Bar, Entrance, Pt. Chehalis and South Reaches. Inner harbor dredging will begin July 16. American Construction Co. will be returning for the last time on the current contract. This work including the Crossover, Cow Point and Turning Basin will be complete no later than September 30.

Inner harbor deepening project should start October 1 assuming there are no issues with the award. The contract will be advertised in July and will hopefully be awarded by the 3rd week of August. Work should begin the first of October and will finish by February 14, 2016 with a break in the fall for the gillnetter season. The summer 2016 session will wrap up any remaining areas that need to be deepened, including materials that will need to be placed in the upland site. Ms. Chien is optimistic that the bimodal dredging schedule will see a benefit in keeping berthing areas cleaner year round.

Incidents / Communications Discussion

No incidents


No presentations

Old Business

Reminder for turning in voting member applications.

New Business

Vince Addington brought up draft problems they are starting to see due to lack of water. The Columbia River is very concerned about low water and they are holding water back. It is anticipated by DOE and other agencies that Grays Harbor should be fine through the season since the water here is mostly tidal.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held in the PGH Commission Chambers on August 18, 2015.


Today’s meeting adjourned at 10:50 a.m.