Port of Grays Harbor

Harbor Safety Committee Meeting

October 20, 2015

Harbor Safety Committee Meeting 2015 – Meeting 5

The Harbor Safety meeting of October 20, 2015 was called to order by Co-Chair Mike Johnson at 10:03 a.m. at the Port of Grays Harbor Commission Chambers in, Aberdeen, Washington. Chair, Kevin Campbell was out of town in San Diego, CA attending the West Coast Harbor Safety Committee Conference.

Those in attendance at the meeting were as follows:

Mike Johnson - Port of Grays Harbor
Darren DeLoe - REG Grays Harbor
Brian Shay - City of Hoquiam
Vince Addington - General Steamship Corp.
Fred Goheen - Jones Stevedoring
Leonard Barnes - Port of Grays Harbor
Mandy Garcia - Pasha Stevedoring & Terminals
Marisa Yauch - Port of Grays Harbor
Randy Lewis - Port of Grays Harbor
Ryan White - Port of Grays Harbor
Scott Ferguson - Department of Ecology
Steve Williams - Westway Terminals
Larry Thevik - WDCFA
Ray Toste - Coalition of Fisherman
Laura Springer - USCG MSU Portland
Linda Orgel - CCH

Items discussed were as follows:


From the Chairman

Mike Johnson completed roll call for all attendees present and over the phone.

Approval of August Minutes:

Motion made by Fred Goheen, seconded by Steve Williams and unanimously approved, the meeting minutes from August 18, 2015 were approved.



Mike Johnson reported on repair to the Port’s pilot boat. Annually the Port pulls the boat from the water to make repairs and conduct any necessary testing of the vessel to be sure it will remain reliable as this is the preferred way for the pilots to access vessel’s calling Grays Harbor. The boat had quite a few maintenance projects including regular painting and crack sealing. They conducted ultrasonic testing to ensure the thickness of the boat was acceptable in all areas and replaced the tires around the edge that keep the vessels from damaging each other during pilot boarding. This is a time where all issues are fixed to be sure the boat will be safe to use in the coming year. The port spends roughly $40,000 to $50,000 dollars annually on this maintenance.

Next, Mike mentioned the T-4 Pile Cap Repair project. He was planning to present on this, but it is still being finalized so he will wait until the next meeting so the presentation will be complete.


Scott Ferguson from Ecology reported on the RFP for the Columbia River Vessel Evaluation and Safety Risk Assessment (CRVTSA) and the associated work of the Lower Columbia River Harbor Safety Committee and CRVTSA work group. The RFP is out for bid and he wanted to thank the Columbia River team for helping to design the scope of work. Bids are due December 16, 2015. Puget Sound Vessel Traffic Risk Assessment update is working a contract with VA Commonwealth and George Washington University (GWU) to update the risk model from 2010 to 2015. We have both legislated and grant funding to support this risk work and host in the Fall of 2016 a second Salish Sea workshop taking the updated risk mitigation measures and working towards actionable recommendations.

Mr. Ferguson then reported on a vessel/rail traffic risk assessment forecast for the 2017-2019 budget biennium. Projected funding for this work would focus our risk work relating to the changing energy picture and rail as well as conduct a Grays Harbor Vessel Traffic Risk Assessment. All of this, of course, is subject to legislative action for the 2017-2019 biennium.

ESHB 1449, 2015 Oil Transportation Safety Act, was signed into law on July 1, 2015, and is the basis of the aforementioned work and other work for WA Ecology Spills program. Encourage all to follow our progress at the websites below:

Advance notice of oil movement (requires rulewriting)
Railroad contingency planning (requires rulewriting)
Geographic response plans (We completed/updated 12 last year and will do 8 more by the end of 2016)
Vessel traffic safety evaluation and assessment (Columbia River and update to 2010 Puget Sound VTRA)
Equipment cache grants (Ecology will provide grants to communities along routes that need first response equipment and resources).

Coast Guard

Lieutenant Laura Springer of the USCG Portland reported on a recent protest on St. Johns Bridge. Protesters were hanging off of the bridge in an effort to stop the Shell oil vessel from moving through on the way to Alaska to begin drilling for oil. This office is in charge of facility security plans and welcomes inquiries on these matters.

Lt. Springer reported on an incident at that involved crew members from an international vessel that left their vessel docked at a PGH terminal unescorted. There are strict rules and regulations in place regarding safety and security which were not met by this crew leaving the vessel unescorted. The Port will be working directly with the Coast Guard to ensure measures are put in place to be sure this does not happen again. Crew members will be escorted off of Port property and checked back in properly upon return. The area is restricted; they need to have proper ID to be allowed into the yard area. A TWIC card is required or an escort is needed. Lt. Springer will follow up at the next meeting on how this was resolved for the future.

Lt. Springer mentioned the distance between them and PGH. They rely on Facility Security Officers (FSO’s) to ensure plans are followed. These procedures are very important and need to be followed.

Randy Lewis, PGH, stated there will be a strong focus on new employees and making sure that they have all information. This is a continuous process that will continue to be monitored.

Corps of Engineers
No report.

Incidents / Communications Discussion
No incidents.

No presentations.

Old Business
No old business.

New Business

There are parties interested in being added as members to the committee. The people that applied to the position were encouraged to attend the meeting today and share why they are interested as well as their qualifications for the seat on the committee.

Ray Toste of Westport stated that he would like to be an alternate vote for the non-tribal commercial fisherman with Larry Thevik as the primary vote.

Ray owns boats in Washington, Oregon, California and Alaska. He is the founder of the Coalition of Fishermen. He has been involved with many organizations including Washington Coastal Marine Advisory Council and Washington Dungeness Crab Fisherman’s Association to name a couple. At this time he is trying to scale back his commitments, but would like to serve as the alternate vote. He is well informed on harbor issues and fishing in the area.

Larry Thevik introduced himself and stated that he is applying for the non-tribal commercial fishing position as the primary seat. He is a lifetime Washington State resident and a 45 year resident of Ocean Shores and all of his catch was landed in Grays Harbor. He is the VP of the Washington Dungeness Crab Fisherman’s Association, serves on Marine Fish Commission and Washington Coastal Crabbing. He has owned many fishing boats over the years from 36 feet to 63 feet. He recently sold his last boat, but is still very involved with the fishing community. He feels that the commercial fishing community needs better communication with other maritime users and the Coast Guard. All groups have common interests to use the ocean and keep safe. There could be differences of opinion on issues, but safety is a common bond.

Mike Johnson asked if there were any other interested parties in the position present. There were no others interested in the seat so Mike asked if there was any further discussion or if the group was ready to put this to a vote.

Fred Goheen was the first to move that we approve Larry Thevik as a voting member on the committee in the Non-Commercial Tribal fishing category. Steve Williams seconded the motion. Mike Johnson called for all in favor and there was no opposition.

Fred Goheen was the first to move that we approve Ray Toste as the alternate voting member on the committee in the Non-Commercial Tribal fishing category. Brian Shay seconded the motion. Mike Johnson called for all in favor and there was no opposition.

Next Meeting

The next meeting will be held in the PGH Commission Chambers on Tuesday, December 15th, 2015.


Today’s meeting adjourned at 10:50 a.m.