Port of Grays Harbor

Satsop Business Park breaks into Hollywood

May 2013 - Picture this, a single filming location that offers not one, but two unused nuclear towers, acres of natural evergreen forests, a campus like business park and office space for production crew activities ~ picture Satsop Business Park as the new Hollywood sweetheart. Just a short distance west of Olympia, Washington the unused concrete nuclear towers of Satsop Business Park stand tall on the hillside ~ a truly unique visual asset. Satsop hopes to put this profile to work attracting film production activities to the Park.

“We’ve had interest from a few major Hollywood movie studios so we worked to get ahead of the curve and put together a fee structure and policy for filming at the Park,” expressed Alissa Thurman, Manager of Business Development at Satsop Business Park. “Satsop is a unique setting, from the nuclear towers to our surrounding forest, we can provide a variety of locations for filming all in one convenient park setting. “

The Park also has office space available to support production activities such as make-up and cafeteria space and plenty of open area for production vehicles.

Ms. Thurman and her team have researched the film industry in the Pacific Northwest, and determined the business fit with the goals to attract new opportunities to the region. With a policy and fee structure in hand the Park is now reaching out to those that might have an interest in utilizing the facility.

“Providing filming locations can be a great economic boost for the local economy as the cast and crew utilize local lodging, restaurants and other services,” reports Ms. Thurman. “This activity also compliments our business recruitment efforts. Our goal is to attract movie productions to Satsop and potentially interest them in all that Coastal Washington can offer as a film location.”

Satsop Business Park, a facility of the Port of Grays Harbor, is less than 2 hours southwest of Seattle and 2 hours north of Portland. Located in scenic Grays Harbor County in Elma, Washington the 1,800 acre mixed-use business and industrial park is approximately 30 minutes from Olympia and the I-5 Corridor. A part of the Grays Harbor Innovation Partnership Zone, it is home to more than 30 businesses, offers 600 acres of developed, pad-ready land and buildings supported by super-sized infrastructure, surrounded by 1,200 acres of sustainable managed forestland.

Satsop Business Park’s most visible assets, the two concrete towers provide for unique filming and still photography opportunities. SBP hopes to attract Hollywood studios utilize the Park and the surrounding beauty of coastal Washington.