Port of Grays Harbor

Rehab work at Port of Grays Harbor’s IDD 1

April 2014 – As many local citizens have noticed, Industrial Development District (IDD) 1 in Hoquiam is undergoing some rehabilitation work at this time to address the deterioration of the revetment. We have posted signage at the site due to the active construction that poses a risk to the public and we ask for your patience and cooperation during construction.

IDD 1 was established by the Port of Grays Harbor Commission in 1964 and in 1976, after receiving all required permits, a revetment was constructed around the 45-acre site which was then used for dredge spoils. Since then, the revetment has continuously absorbed the waves and river currents which have caused serious deterioration to the revetment and is threatening the perimeter road of the site.

The rehab project will be broken into two phases: The first, which is underway, will be to rebuild and enhance the access road that lines the perimeter of the revetment and as it will support the heavy equipment needed to rebuild and armor the revetment which will be the second phase of the project.

While there are currently no plans for industrial development at the site, the Port would like to remind citizens that the property is industrially zoned and its intended purpose is to attract a water-dependent, industrial user that will create jobs and enhance economic development for the region.  During the interim the site has been popular with recreational enthusiast and will likely continue to provide those recreational opportunities after the access road and revetment have been repaired and re-armored. We ask that you obey our request to limit use of the site during construction activities.

IDD 1, at the mouth of the Hoquiam River, is a 45-acre industrial zoned property that is currently undergoing rehab construction to address years of erosion and deterioration of the revetment and supporting access road. The Port would like to remind users of the property that it is an active construction zone and all posted warning signs should be followed for your safety.