Port of Grays Harbor

State Highway 105

Westport Marina Parcels

Property Type: Land
Parcel Sizes: < 1 acre, multiple sites
Utilities: Water, electricity, natural gas, sewer and telecommunications
Transportation: Located on State Highway 105, near Washington's largest fish landing marina and home to various seafood processors and commercial fishing fleets. Less than 1 mile from Westport Airport.
Status: Available for lease

Located in U.S. Foreign Trade Zone 173,  Westport Marina properties front State Highway 105. Various sites are available as shown in the maps on the right, (outlined in red).

The sites are available together or separately.

Utilities include 12KV 3-phase electricity. The properties are available for lease.

State 105 properties from the air. Westport property from the air. Westport property from the air.