Port of Grays Harbor


PNW Coastal Freight Corridor

The closest U.S. Gateway to the Pacific Rim, the Port of Grays Harbor is positioned centrally between the Pacific Northwest markets of Seattle and Portland.

The Pacific Northwest Coastal Freight Corridor provides road, rail, telecommunications and marine transportation routes to deliver products to market without facing the everyday congestion of the urban areas.


Grays Harbor boasts a four-lane state highway connection to Interstate 5. Unburdened by daily traffic jams, companies gain efficient and cost-effective highway access.

The Port of Grays Harbor, in Aberdeen, is less than 1 hour from Interstate 5, via a four-lane state highway.


Main line rail service to the industrial properties and marine terminals provides direct access to both Class 1 railroads Burlington Northern Santa Fe and Union Pacific, via Genessee & Wyoming's Puget Sound and Pacific Railroad.

The Port of Grays Harbor marine terminal rail system features more than 50,000 ft. of rail providing two continuous loop tracks serving terminals 1, 2 and 4 and the cargo storage facilities. Utilizing this unique state-of-the-art rail infrastructure, unit trains can be continuously loaded or unloaded for movement through the Port's facilities. Additional auto tracks are under construction to increase the auto handling capacity at Terminal 4.

An inter-modal 2,800 lineal foot on-dock rail system with direct discharge options and four parallel spurs is available.

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Port of Grays Harbor rail loop
Washington rail connections & current storage
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For rail information, contact:

Puget Sound & Pacific Railroad
 (855) 665-3306


The Port has the only coastal jet, ILS certified airport. Bowerman field has a 5,000 ft. runway with adjacent properties available for development.

Airport Information

Trucking Services

Trucking services are available from:

  • Mason Trucking (360) 532-5859
  • Puget Sound Trucking (800) 562-8783
  • Trailer Services (800) 562-0932
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