Port of Grays Harbor

Vessel Schedule

Medi Paestum 9/5 T2
Condor Trader 9/18 T1
Asian Glory 9/20 T4
Great Fortune 9/22 T2
Patara 9/27 T4
Rio Nevado 10/8 T4
Dresden 10/17 T4
Vessel schedules are subject to change.

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Xpress Natural Gas opens the Northwest’s first CNG facility at the Satsop Business Park

August 2016 – Xpress Natural Gas’s (XNG) first Northwest compressed natural gas (CNG) facility is open and ready for business at the Satsop Business Park.

Port of Grays Harbor wins prestigious communications award for 4th grade tour program

July 2016 – The American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) has awarded the Port of Grays Harbor the 2016 Overall Award of Excellence for its 4th Grade Tour Program entry into the 50th Annual AAPA Communications Awards Program.

PGH 2015 Highlights

March 2016 - Download our 2015 highlights and 2016 outlook brochure.

Turbine Building available for lease at Satsop Business Park

April 2015 - If ‘big’ is your business, then the Satsop Business Park’s Turbine Building is the place for you. The Turbine Building is now available for lease after being occupied the last five years by a tank manufacturing company.

Terminal 1 Crude By Rail Project

2016 - The Port of Grays Harbor, Washington's only deep water port on the Pacific Coast, is considering projects to develop crude oil export facilities.